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NEON Lighting

Olds Alero GLS


4 Memphis Car Audio SW10's in a Fiberglass Wheelwell Enclosure

db Dragracing Vehicle 2 place World Finals Winner 40 Memphis SW12's

Eclipes Head Unit & Memphis EQ

2000 Honda Civic With A Street Glow Gold Series Neon Kit

Q-Forms Kick Panel With Memphis Car Audio Component Sets

One of our custom made in dash sub bass controlers.

Memphis 1000d Class D Amp Flushed In The Trunk.

Memphis Car Audio Tweeter.

0/1 Gage & Gold Power Connectors.

5 US AMP VLX-400 (Some of the world's most powerful amps) & 25 SVR Batteries.

86' Buick Regal & 94' Chevy Cavalier Both Took 1st Place

96' Chevy S-10 Hydro's 10 Switch set up

86' Buick Regal One of our 1st place cars. 16 Switch 4 pump setup

94' Chevy Cavialer This car has 9 Street Glow Sets Under The Car A more Inside of it.

Me in the middle and the owners of the cars.

Amp Install

Amps in trunk floor & wheel well Design

H2 hummer 2 7" wide screen TV's

The H2's Hummer's console

VCP under seat

honda trunk floor

Expedition With 6.8" Tv

2003 EXT 26" Wheels

4 12" Pionners Subs in the Rear Wall of the EXT

Expedition TV's in the back of the seats

03' BMW 325i

2004 Chevy Suburban Xm Radio Custom Mount

2004 Town & Country van 6.8" flip down